Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Too Faced Matte Eye Review

The other day I dragged my lovely boyfriend shopping with me. While we were in boots I came across Too Faced Matte Eye palette, I've been searching for some really nice matte eye shadow but I've either not found any or its way too expensive. This is £26.00 and comes with nine different matte colours. 

It comes in this cute little box, and inside is a flip palette with the same design. also in the box was a little test sachet of Too Faced shadow insurance lemon drop, which is £16.50 from boots, so I'm loving this shadow already. I used the Day and Fashion also tried a little of the Shadow insurance set to play with and I'm really pleased with it, It goes on and blends like a dream. After about ten minutes i noticed a little slot at the side and realised there were three tutorial cards, which is brilliant if you feel your not confident with blending etc.
Overall I would highly recommend this product and its brilliant value for moeny with what you get. My sister will be getting married May next year and this palette is defiantly what i will be wearing.  

Below there are two of looks from the palette, i do apologise as I kind of rushed the look so it isn't too great. I just wanted to show you how it turned out.

So this is the Fashion look and the
colours were
Fresh linen , Vintage Violet and
Midnight, I also tried using
the primer on this look.
This is the Day look and the colours were
Tufted Suede, Chinchilla and
Coffee Bean and this is without primer.


Have you tried or purchased this Matte Eye palette or any others that are worth having a look at? 

This is my first product review your thoughts on how it is or how i could improve would be greatly appreciated.


  1. i've totally been wanting to try out this! thanks for the review, girl!

    love, rach.

  2. Oooh I want to try it now! Good review :) Its good to hear it from you too because you studied beauty etc

    Also, I want your eyelashes x

  3. I love both the day and fashion looks! The product itself looks really pretty as well, I love it when products have cute packaging. I may try this, I don't usually buy eyeshadows but if it comes with little booklets telling you how to apply them I might give it a shot! How well did they last? :) xx

  4. Without the primer it lasted most of the day just faded abit, but with the primer it didn't fade and was on till I took it off before bed I absoloutey love it :D


  5. nice post! I love their make up palettes too! the colors are simply wonderful!



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