Saturday, 24 March 2012

A Beautiful Day At The Zoo

So yesterday myself ,Charlotte,my children Luca and Leora all went for the day out too the zoo. After picking up Charlotte, not knowing how to use the sat nav and also stalling the car on the busy road, we were on our way. The journey was rather amusing with Luca banging his head against the car seat (dancing) and Leora just having a good old jig. Arriving at twycross I came across another obstacle, the pram. It actually felt forever to put the thing up It just wasn't happening then with a magic touch of something it was up hooray! The weather at first looked a little miserable but warm and then the sun came out and gave us a beautiful day. At times the kids got a little out of hand and crazy but they're kids and they were having a blast. Twycross have made a new area for kids where there is a train a few rides and a little farm with donkey's, rabbits etc. Seeing as luca is mad on trains at the minute we couldn't not take him on the train, both Luca and Leora loved that. Here are a few photos of our trip to the zoo.

Luca on the "choo choo"
Mr penguin
Luca and Leora
Chilling monkey
The end of the day 


  1. Haha, that monkey looks filthy, and the kids look so cute sleeping at the bottom, it must have made them tired (I was exhausted lol)

    V good day out! xx

  2. I love the zoo! Your children are SO CUTE. I'm glad the weather stayed good for you as well xxx


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