Tuesday, 20 March 2012

My 20 questions


So I've seen these 20 question thing going around blogs and you tube and I thought to myself why not give it a go. I think its such a fun thing to do and will show what kind of personality I have. So why not take a read and have a look into my likes dislikes. 

The thing you cannot leave the house without?
Well it definitely has too be my phone, I cant live without it. If there is a time I forget it I have to go back without a doubt, I'm pretty obsessed.

What is your eye/hair colour?
I have dark brown eyes and my hair, well that's a mess at the minute its all kinds of colours, red, purple, black, brown it varies.

Favourite Perfume?
At the minute my favourite perfume is valentina valentino. I received a tester in this months glossy box and ever since I've been addicted, but I think my all time favourite is flora by Gucci, such a beautiful smell, I love it!

Heels or flats?
To be honest I think I'm both, you cant beat a good heel on a night out and a worn in comfy trainer for the morning after.

Favourite Colour?
My favourite colour has to be lilac its so pretty, I'm actually planning to decorate my bedroom that colour, well at some point I will be planning on it.

Do you drink juice?
I'm not such a juice drinker, I'm naughty and prefer fizzy drinks. I do enjoy orange juice, you cant beat it on a nice warm day or fresh orange and lemonade, its so good.

Do you want to get married later in life?
Yes, One day I would like nothing more then to marry my boyfriend. I love him very much but there's a long way to go yet.

Do you get mad easily?
I would say it all depends on why but I can get very hormonal then mad, so maybe I do get mad easily im not too sure really.

Are you into ghost hunting?
Ghosts fascinate and would love to go on Derby or Nottingham's ghost walk but when it came down to it I think I would get to freaked out and go home, I know right what a big baby!

Most random song on your Ipod?
The most random song on my Iphone has to be the hangover part two - allentown, I have no idea why this is actually on there but hey i like to have a listen now and again.

When was the last time you cried?
It was Saturday night, I cried the night before and Saturday was the aftermath tired, nothing was going right and fall outs. Thankfully everything is back to normal now :)

Do you life swimming?
Well I don't really dislike it. I preferred swimming when I was young and go with my friends but now it's a bit boring but the kids are starting to go which I really enjoy, so really a bit of mixed opinion about swimming.

What your favourite restaurant?
Usually my favourite restaurant is Frankie and Benny's which is getting a little boring now but I've been to nando's a couple of times now which is actually amazing so its out of those two really.

Do you have any pets?
I have two amazing fish called Bruce and Hilda I love them very much. My mum has our family pets there is our cat Casper he's pretty old and and our dog Gyspy she's old too. I'm not going to lie but I think we have come up with some pretty amazing names for our animals.

What is your favourite all time movie?
This is a tough one I'm a film fanatic and love all kinds of films.
My all time favourite though has to be Transformers trilogy I can watch them all day every day and not get bored. Well I wouldn't but that expresses how much I love those films.

Who is your favourite singer?
There isn't a favourite singer of mine but Scott Matthews has a beautiful voice and such beautiful songs, hes amazing.

What were you afraid of when you were a kid?
Near where I live there is a power station which at night lit up so aircraft could see, but me being me thought it was a monster so every time I saw it I just burst into tears as I thought the monster was after me.

What is your current ring tone?
At the minute my current ring tone is the theme for BBC's Sherlock, Benedict Cumberbatch is a genius!

Have you ever taken medication to help you fall asleep?
Yes I've taken Nytol numerous times as I have difficulty falling too sleep but personally it has no effects so I don't really bother any more.

How many siblings do you have?
I have one older sister, she's 27 in October, we have our ups and downs like any other brotherly sisterly relationship but I would say we are pretty close.

So there we have it guys my 20 questions thanks for reading, hopefully i haven't bored you to death. Have a good week everyone.



  1. Is the power station the one that looks like two red eyes looking at you?.. I could see that when i was little too, it used to freak me out lol

  2. I went on a ghost walk once, all the kids were laughing along and I was closed to tears haha! I hated people jumping out at me in masks! I love your ringtone! (I've nabbed your button) xxxxx

  3. Hei! I just found your blog and it is amazing!

    I am following your blog and I hope you will follow mine too!

    Ana V

  4. My husband has the same ringtone! We are in love with that show...and yes, Benedict Cumberbatch is totally perfect as Sherlock. Love your blog!




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