Thursday, 1 March 2012

Life And Music

I've decided over the next couple of weeks I'm going too reflect and share my top five favourite songs and artists from different periods of my life.

This week I am starting off from when I was around 10 maybe 12. When I was at this age I was very much into musicals as I come from a very musical and talented family, but I was still in love with all the pop rage of the 1990's. So here are my top five pop songs of the younger years:

  1. Spice girls - spice up your life
  2. 911 - A night to remember 
  3. Peter Andre - Mysterious girl
  4. Shaggy - Angel
  5. A1 - Same old brand new you

Well sums up my five tops of this week, here are some of the videos for you too watch so please enjoy and check in next week to find out my next top five.

thanks for reading

A1 - Same old brand new you.

911 - A night to remember.

Spice Girls - Spice up your life

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