Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Wedding Day

So march 2012 was the last time I shared apart of my life with you, now I'm back I need to update you on what has been going off etc. I wont bore you in one fell swoop so I will focus on the biggest thing that happened This year. On may 4th 2013 it was my sister Hannah's wedding and by god it was a wedding and a half. Hannah looked absolutely mind blowing from her dress to the glow of her cheeks just beautiful! The wedding itself was at 1:00pm at a lovely little church in our local area. Getting ready was stressful with such a small time scale with the extra stress of doing the brides make-up which turned out well thank god. I loved everything about that day it was just perfect the ceremony, reception, cake and their first dance.The little details just made it extra perfect such as homemade invitations, seating plan, table names, flowers scattered through out the church a beautiful decorated gift cage and favors which were mint creams and to point out actually took myself and deb (maid of honor) a entire day to create I think we made around 300 in the end, not to mention the sweetie table that was amazing!! As the reception was held in a converted barn it was only right they named their tables after famous pigs personally i thought that was a genius idea myself, Luca, Leora and other family member's were on the table peppa pig. The menu was beautiful to start it was smoked salmon followed by venison and cheesecake for desert. The first dance was to The Goo Goo Dolls - Iris it was just sensational and half way through it balloons fell from the cage and surrounded the floor. After the kids had gone home with my boyfriends mum the serious drinking started all our friends and family decided to buy lots of sambuca and j√§gerbombs, unfortunately at the end of the night i rejoined with my sister and her husband to find out she had slipped over in her dress and hurt her elbow, this ended up with her having to take her wedding ring off and nearly missing there amazing honeymoon to america but thankfully the right doctor was at the hospital in time, and they managed to have two beautiful weeks in different parts of america :)

Here are a few of the photos from the big day 

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